Jagannatha Svami Nayanapathagami Bhavatu Me

Jagannatha, Lord of the universe, in His Form in the great 10th century temple at Puri, Orissa, India

See notes on the page showing the violin photo.

Other western stringed instruments that are suitable for Indian art music playing are: the violoncello, the contrabass, the bass guitar, the electric guitar (on account of the glissandi it can achieve by its "whammy" bar), the slide guitar, etc. The mandoline and the banjo have also been used successfully, with the frets removed or by electrifying them so as to be able to produce glissandi.

Wind instruments like the clarinet and the saxophone have also been used in India to play Indian art music with a fair amount of success. Practically any instrument capable of producing glissandi, even to a limited extent, may be used for this purpose. However, the harp or the piano may have a good deal of difficulty in this area. (There have been attempts to play Indian art music on the piano, and on the concert stage too, but the result has been dissatisfying in the extreme to qualified listeners).