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  Jagannatha, Lord of the universe, in His Form in the great 10th century temple at Puri, Orissa, India


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  • Audio CDs
    CD - 1

    Acharya Dr Chintamani Rath presents three items on a five-stringed violin (a standard violin with a low C string added). Recorded in Calcutta, India, in February 1993.

  • Puria Dhanashri - Alap, Madhya Laya Gat in Adachoutal, Drut Gat in Ektal
    Listen to an excerpt from the Alap portion of this track
  • Kalavati - Vilambit Gat in Ektal, Drut Gat in Teental
    Listen to an excerpt from the Vilambit portion of this track
  • Mishra Pilu Dhun - Taal: Addha

  • CD - 2

    Acharya Dr Chintamani Rath presents two items on the violin. Recorded in Calcutta, India, in November 1998.

  • Kedar - Alap, Vilambit Gat and Drut Gat in Teental
    Listen to excerpts
  • Mishra Dhun - Taal: Kaharva
    Listen to an excerpt

  • CD - 3: "Kaleidoscope of CROWL" - click on the name to view the cover

    Acharya Dr Chintamani Rath and Mr Gerard Bull present nine CROWL items using several instruments as well as voice. The tracks depict the stage-by-stage spiritual progress of the Seeker of Truth from the start of the Quest to the final Emancipation resulting from True Knowledge. Recorded in Tauranga, New Zealand, in 2003. The tracks are:

    • Calling: Decision / preparation to start the Journey - Listen to an excerpt
    • Ravenswood: Through the Mystic Jungle - Listen to an excerpt
    • Spring Light: Recuperation, Rejuvenation before the climb - Listen to an excerpt
    • Dance of Light One: Arduous but steadfast ascent - Listen to an excerpt
    • Shrine: Introspection, communion - Listen to an excerpt
    • Second Journey to the Heart: Revelation, Knowledge - Listen to an excerpt
    • Five Four Gait: Joyous Dance - Listen to an excerpt
    • Dance of Light Two: The Final Ascent to Higher Consciousness - Listen to an excerpt
    • Flame: Dross burnt away, stillness of Self, Purity, Liberation - Listen to an excerpt
          - Listen to another excerpt
    Further description relating to this interesting CD is available in the "CROWL Music" page of this website.
    CD - 4: Merging Creations

    Acharya Dr Chintamani Rath and Mr James Baxter, an outstanding young guitarist of Tauranga, present thirteen original tracks in this scintillating CD. The first two are virtuositic solo items by the two respective musicians, each awesomely displaying his remarkable skill and control over his respective instrument, as also the soul, passion and emotive fire spontaneously present all the time in all presentations of these master musicians. The other tracks in the CD build bridges across two great musical cultures / genres: Indian art music (being Dr. Rath's particular speciality) on the one hand and western rock music (being Mr Baxter's special area of expertise) on the other. Some tracks contain only Dr Rath's violin and Mr Baxter's guitar, while others are also backed by interesting computer generated rhythm tracks and/orTabla playing by Dr Rath.

    The recording was completed over a period of several months in 2003 in Tauranga, New Zealand. Thereafter Dr Rath and Mr Baxter presented an extended and improvised recital of their musical fusion in a public concert in Tauranga: the concert was an enormous success. The two musicians are planning more concerts across New Zealand.

    The tracks are:

    • Rippling Notes - Listen to an excerpt
    • Passion Caprice - Listen to an excerpt
    • Emergent Light
    • Byzanrav
    • Vibrant Fields - Listen to an excerpt
    • Reminiscence
    • Of a Distant Land - Listen to an excerpt
    • Language of the Strings - Listen to an excerpt
    • Legato Dreamscape
    • Mercury in the Ionosphere - Listen to an excerpt
    • Stranger in a Strange Land - Listen to an excerpt
    • Mind, Heart and Soul
    • Until We Meet Again - Listen to an excerpt

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    1. Encore from Calcutta

    14 original compositions for solo violin by Prof. Dr. Chintamani Rath

    These were composed in India at varying times between 1982 and 1999. Some are short pieces and some are longer ones, the longest being "Birds on the Lake", a single movement work in rondo form of about twelve minutes' duration, featuring several Ragas and ending with the traditional ending of an Indian instrumental music recital. "Birds on the Lake" was performed on stage in London in 1999 by Mr Kaushik Paul, an outstanding concert violinist based in the U.K and in India.

    Another piece that has won high accolades from one and all is "LSE Alumni", composed specially for the first ever international alumni meeting of the London School of Economics in London in 1998. Dr Rath himself performed the piece before the august gathering and presented a copy of the composition to the School's then director, Dr Anthony Giddens.

    "1995 Spring" is yet another piece regularly performed on the concert stage, particularly by New Zealand's greatest viola virtuoso and musicologist Prof. Dr. Donald Maurice of Wellington. This piece is entirely in seven beat time and uses and uses only six notes throughout, simulating a Raga. The form, too, follows that of a standard Indian instrumental Raga recital.

  • Preview one of the compositions in this collection: "Me by Myself" (enlarge for better view)
  • Listen to a MIDI recording of an excerpt of LSE Alumni

  • 2. A Pair of Bows

    10 duets for two violins by Prof. Dr. Chintamani Rath

    These were composed in India at varying times between 1982 and 2005. Many of the compositions use Indian motifs and Ragas. Some of them, such as Temple Dance, Courtly Dance and Kedar Canon, are in canon form. Kedar Canon was specially composed for and performed before an august audience during the prestigious silver jubilee celebrations of the Professors' Acssociation of Jadavpur University, Calcutta. The most recent composition in this set is Life's Journey, originally composed as a duet for clarinet and bassoon and subsequently transcribed, with minor alterations, for two violins.

  • Preview the score of Temple Dance
  • Preview the score of Life's Journey (enlarge for better view)
  • Listen to a MIDI recording of Dancing Eyes
    (Unlike most other compositions, this one does not use Indian motifs)

  • 3. The Seven Beat Pianoforte

    6 original compositions for the pianoforte by Prof. Dr. Chintamani Rath

    These were composed in Tauranga, New Zealand, in 2004 and 2005. The pieces are:

  • Bay Fantasia: A homage to J S Bach, with an Indian ending
  • Twilight Dream: Using Raga Marva, an early evening Raga in Indian music
  • Ever Onward: Using Raga Todee, a morning Raga in Indian music
  • Fireside Reverie: Using Raga Pilü, a Raga for semi-classical Indian music -
    Preview part of the score of Fireside Reverie (enlarge for better view)
  • Reflections: Using Ragas Gorakh Kalyan and Rageshree, both evening Ragas in Indian music -
    Preview the score of Reflections (enlarge for better view)
    Listen to a MIDI recording of Reflections
  • Gentle Breeze and Kindly Rain: Using Raga Miyan Malhar, a Raga in Indian music for the rainy season

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    Available soon

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