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  Jagannatha, Lord of the universe, in His Form in the great 10th century temple at Puri, Orissa, India

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Pandit Gopabandhu Vidyabhushan Rath
1883 - 1965

The GVR Indian Music and Culture Centre is dedicated to the propagation of all facets of Indian culture and heritage, especially those deriving from the Sanskrit tradition.

The Centre is named after Pandit Gopabandhu Vidyabhushan Rath, who was Dr. Chintamani Rath’s paternal grandfather. “Vidyabhushan” is a very high and rare academic title or degree conferred in the Sanskrit tradition upon those prodigiously meritorious students who successfully complete a strenuous academic programme that is roughly analogous to the modern day post doctoral programme (D.Litt.). In the Sanskrit tradition, this title becomes part of the name, which is why everybody referred to Gopabandhu Rath as Gopandhu Vidyabhushan or, simply, "Vidyabhushan".

Pandit Gopabandhu Vidyabhushan's special studies were in the fields of Indian Logic, Grammar and Linguistics, Poetics and Prosody, Theology and Astronomy. He studied these disciplines in Navadvip, which was in those days the premier centre for these subjects.

Thereafter he returned to his native state of Orissa and started his own "Tole", an academic centre in the Sanskrit tradition. He also wrote plays, poetry (including long poems) and essays on a variety of subjects. In addition to Sanskrit and Oriya, he was adept in Pali (another classical Indian language) and could read and write Bramhi, an ancient and now extinct Indian script.

This combination of skills, coupled with a powerful analytical mind caused him to be in great demand in deciphering archeological finds such as ancient stone engravings. He published several monographs and academic tracts and translated many Sanskrit literary works into Oriya, many (like the Naishadha-Kavyam) for the first time ever.

The GVR Indian Music Centre is based in New Zealand and India. It has programmes for teaching, researching and publishing on different areas of Indian culture and heritage, with music as the focal point, in keeping with its director Dr. Chintamani Rath’s particular area of expertise.

Current projects of the Centre include publications on music, Indian philosophy, traditional cooking of eastern India, traditional sports of eastern India, Indian folklore and also making recordings — audio and video — on Indian music. The Centre also has plans to hold Indian music concerts in the near future.

The GVR Indian Music and Culture Centre is the cultural wing of AIRPNICH NZ, a broad umbrella organisation under the directorship of Dr. Chintamani Rath. AIRPNICH NZ is registered for GST (number 80-306-652) with the Inland Revenue Department of New Zealand and is also registered with the Customs Department of New Zealand. It is engaged in a wide range of commercial, consultancy and cultural activities.

You are invited to ask about music and other publications and prices as also about bookings for concerts, workshops, lectures, talks, symposia, seminars and the like from Dr. Chintamani Rath: cmrath@xtra.co.nz

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